We boarded our 1 year old lab mix there for a week at the end of July ('16). We've never had to board a pet before, feeling bad that our dog would be in a cage all but maybe 2 hours a day.

Then a friend referred us to Camp Happy Paws. How cool is this place for dogs?? Knowing our dog was going to get to run around with other dogs all day was great! Then she gets a vacation too.

While we were gone our kids were able to see pictures of her having fun on their Facebook page which the kids thought was super cool. It was a joy to pick her up and have her be so worn out. We will definitely be back.
Ross Fotheringham

We cannot speak highly enough of Camp Happy Paws day camp and the staff. My insanely hyper vizsla spent the day there today and, as soon as we walked inside our house, he went upstairs and put himself to bed. To me, there's no better endorsement. So glad we found this place!!!
Shannon Gilmore

We just picked up our very happy dog from Camp Happy Paws and spied on our dog before getting him. He was so happy running around with all the dogs. It's a great, well cared for and meticulously run property. They truly love dogs and treat them as if they were their own. Highly recommend!
Ellyn Shull

We love sending our pup to Camp Happy Paws for doggy daycare 2-3 times per week! He burns off some puppy energy and has a great time socializing with the other pups...the only downside is sometimes he doesn't want to come home.
C.c. Whitehill Willey

We have been taking our Shiba Inu there every week for 2 years now, and he LOVES it! I highly recommend this place. Your dog will be so pooped from having so much fun that he'll be asleep before you hit the end of the driveway.
Molly Perry

The next best place to home for your pooch. As my annual 2 wk vacation approached, I agonized over where to leave Eddy. I even considered not going on vacation. A friend of mine referred me to Camp Happy Paws and Eddy has been an annual Happy Camper ever since. The best review was Eddy's...after i picked him up the first year....he looked back longingly towards his step mom and dad and all his new camp buddies. Next year, as we approached the long driveway, his tail started wagging. He always comes home fit, healthy and happy and I can enjoy my vacation knowing that he is in the next best place to home! I wouldn't leave Eddy anywhere else!
Vera Lillig (Eddy)

I am the proud owner of a somewhat spoiled city dog named Oliver. Oliver has been lucky enough to stay with the great family of Camp Happy Paws for a couple of years now.

Many dog owners may know that kennel free boarding can be a great choice for a beloved pet, but I want to tell you about what set Camp Happy Paws apart. My husband and I adopted Oliver from a rescue organization when he was about two years old. He came from a traumatic past , and it was important to us that Oliver get all the love and attention that he so well deserved. In the past we had taken Oliver to other kennel free boarding sites and he often came home disoriented and had a long period of adjustment.

Since he has been going to Camp Happy Paws, he not only gets to run around, but has come happy, loved and a little skinnier. When he stays at Camp Happy Paws, Oliver not only gets to run around and socialize with other friendly dogs,he is also really adopted as a member of the family. I always know that my dog will be truly taken care of and cared for at Camp Happy Paws. I couldn't be happier with the love and devotion Scott and Becky put into their work.
Francesca Gemeroy (Oliver)

This is paws down the best place to bring your fur baby! The owners and staff treat my sweet Lucy as if she were there own. She gets tons of socializing with other dogs and after a hard day playing at doggie day camp, she's asleep before we get to the end of the driveway. I highly recommend this camp when you can't take your dog with you or for just a day of fun with other dogs!
Lindsy Carter (Lucy)

Best doggie daycare! I've been taking my dog here for more than a year. My rescue dog had socialization issues because his former owner left him an apartment and never took him outside. I am happy to report that my dog has now learned "dogspeak" from the camp and absolutely loves this place. In fact, I cannot open the car door fast enough for him when we arrive. It is immaculately run and the owners treat your dog like their own. Summers are especially gorgeous with the woods providing constant stimulation for the dogs. My dog always returns happy and so well exercised that within a mile after leaving, he's sound asleep.
Trish Thomassen (Yope)

The happiest place on earth for your dog! Eva loooves Camp Happy Paws! She gets excited before we even get there. The pups are treated like family. They play and run and have a ton of fun. We never worry about her whe we're away. And we can always look for pictures on Facebook.
Sharon & Ed Ferris (Eva)